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  • 15+ hours of assignments to improve your digital presence.

  • Exclusive guest lessons by successful marketers, managers, and experts in music.

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We hosted this challenge
for 30 days in June 2020.
But we still welcome you to join.

You will get access to our archive of 30 assignments to help you improve your online presence and digital strategy.

You will learn

  • How to get your music out to more relevant listeners

  • How to turn new listeners into fans

  • How to hold fans' attention

  • How to convert attention into revenue

✔ Since the COVID-19 crisis affects us all, access to the archive is free of charge.

Brought to you by
industry experts

The Artist Lockdown Challenge is supported by a variety of experts throughout the music business, who have provided guest assignments over the 30 days.

  • Chuck Fishman

Chuck Fishman is a music producer, artist manager, and business development leader for tech companies. He is a member of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (P-Funk).

  • Síofra McComb

Síofra McComb is the Director of Positive Subversion, a newly formed company specialising in project management and marketing consultancy for independently minded artists and labels.

  • David Weiszfeld

David Weiszfeld is the founder & CEO of music data platform Soundcharts. Through bSHARP he manages French electronic artist Petit Biscuit and a few other artists.

  • Alliz Espi

Alliz Espi is an artist manager and company owner at Songololo Music (UK). She manages KNOWER, Louis Cole, ANIMA! and Domi & JD.

  • Sebastien Lintz

Sebastien Lintz is the co-founder of digital content marketing agency NXTLI and label manager at Revealed Recordings. He also spearheaded digital strategy at Sorted Management - home to Dutch icon Hardwell.

  • Charlie Biles

Charlie Biles is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Motive Unknown. Through Motive Unknown he has been running AWAL's global digital ad strategy and is working with Run The Jewels for the band’s latest record.

  • Mike Warner

Mike Warner is the author of Work Hard Playlist Hard and provides streaming A&R services for a wide variety of artists and labels.

  • Luke Hood

Luke Hood is the founder of legendary bass music brand UKF. Two of the earliest multi-artist, genre-focused channels on YouTube.

  • Alice Young

Alice Young is a product marketer obsessed with helping artists and their teams get the most out of Spotify.

  • Bas Grasmayer

Music streaming executive and founder of MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE.

  • Carlo Kiksen

Digital strategist for artists and creators and founder of The Fanbase Builder.

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You will get access to our archive of 30 assignments to help you improve your online presence and digital strategy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Artist Lockdown Challenge? In June 2020, artists from over the entire world participated in the Artist Lockdown Challenge, a 30 day challenge for artists to improve their digital strategy. Now, we give you access to our archive of tasks.

  • How much time do the tasks take? The tasks should only take about 30 minutes of your time and we’re trying our best to make sure you will immediately see the benefits.

  • Shouldn’t I be learning how to livestream? While you should definitely think about it, we think it’s important to look at that which you have already spent years on building up: your existing online presence. There is a lot you can improve to get your music out to more people, hold on to more people’s attention, and turn that attention and interest in your music into an income for yourself. Besides, with just 30 minutes per task, per day, you will have plenty of time to dive into livestreaming.

  • Why is it free? Artists are economically among the hardest hit people by the crisis. This challenge is meant to support you. We’re happy to put in the time and effort, and it also helps us get our names out there.

  • For whom is this challenge? The Artist Lockdown challenge is composed for artist and creators who have music as their main form of content. But this doesn’t mean that we only welcome musicians. Even if you don’t create music, you can improve your digital strategy with only 30 minutes for 30 days. We challenge every artist and creator with an ambition to grow their brand, fan base and revenue.

  • How do I get in touch? Our preferred way is by joining us on Discord where the community can help answer questions. You can also tweet (Carlo|Bas) or Insta DM (Carlo|Bas) us or send us an email but keep in mind we’re running this in our spare time and will not be able to respond to all requests.

  • What's next for the Artist Lockdown Challenge? More on that soon..

About the
Artist Lockdown Challenge

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the music industry hard. Many artists have seen their main source of income wiped out, with live music needing years to recover from lockdowns and various other measures put in place.

Holding out is not a viable strategy. Fees will be lower, venues fewer, audiences smaller, and travel restricted.

The most valuable thing musicians have now, is their digital presence. Unless you have a great team around you, chances are you can optimize your online assets, to get more people to discover your music, and to start building up a business model together with your fans, that will earn you money whether you're touring or not.

This is why the Artist Lockdown Challenge exists.

If not now, then when?

The Artists Lockdown Challenge is an initiative by MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE and The Fanbase Builder.
Made remotely during lockdown from Berlin and Utrecht in May and June 2020.